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Golf Fitness: Pumping Up to Lower Your Score

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 6/14/2015 to Crossfit
When most non-golfers think about the game of golf, they really don't envision finely tuned, chiseled athletes. They probably think about the weekend duffer, likely a little thick around the middle, looking forward to that tall frosty mug of beer at the 19th hole. Check that...non-golfers have no clue what the 19th hole is. What they don't realize is that golf really is a sport, and when a golfer improves his - or her - physical fitness, it usually results in an improvement in their golf game.

The Squeeze on Compression Clothing

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 5/27/2015 to Crossfit
Ask any professional athlete or amateur weekend warrior, and they'll tell you that the two most important aspects of sports equipment are "Can it improve my performance?" and "Can it help me recover more quickly from that performance?" It's the Holy Grail of fitness, and scientists, engineers and a host of other professions that wear pocket protectors spend millions of dollars and man hours to try coming up with something - anything - that shows measurable performance improvements in both areas. Thankfully for everyone who lifts, runs, throws or moves in a competitive manner, these pocket protector-wearing wizards occasionally come up with something that actually works, like the dual-benefits gained with the compression apparel technology.

Why You Should Wear Weightlifting Belts During Training

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 5/24/2015
Many gym-goers are divided when it comes to the topic of wearing belts. Those who donít wear one during workout sessions usually say that it doesnít really matter. Others would say itís for amateurs. But the more seasoned lifters, the ones with more experience with irons, know better. There are more to weightlifting belts than what meets the eye. They are not just another gym gear, as they are crucial in helping improve your lifting capabilities and stabilizing your spine to reduce the stress it receives.

Speed and Agility Training Advice for the Athlete

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 4/29/2015
Speed and agility is an important part of many common sports and developing these two attributes can make a massive difference to your performance.  There are many ways you can increase your speed depending on many attributes such as your level of fitness, training experience, body composition etc.

CrossFit Workouts: How to Get Started

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 3/31/2015 to Crossfit
With the goal of enhancing cardiovascular endurance, speed, power, stamina and other areas, CrossFit is a competitive endurance sport which is gaining popularity in the United States, and it is practiced by fitness advocates in around 9,000 affiliated sports gyms and now is becoming increasingly popular at home.

Ode to the Foam Roller

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 3/20/2015
I once referred to the Foam Roller as a ďStyrofoam Tube of Evil.Ē And I meant it. I had sustained an injury known as Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) in both knees due to running and improper stretching and strength training. As a newbie runner training for my first marathon, I was all gung-ho, and thought my body was strong, invincible even.

Exercise Equipment for Recovery and Mobility

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 3/3/2015
Injury can strike at any time. That is why it is crucial to have a knowledgeable and experienced physical therapist in your contact list. And equally important is having the right physical therapy equipment at your disposal. You will find such equipment here at Neptune Barbell Co. who offer a robust selection of mobility, rehabilitation, and exercise equipment that is specifically designed to help recover from serious injuries and surgeries.

Home Gym Investments to Make for Menís Fitness

Posted by Neptune Barbell Co on 1/16/2015 to Fitspiration
You donít need to sign up for gym membership this year just to slim down and achieve your healthy plan for the year. To be successful in your plans to tone down inside your home, youíll need to avoid the usual mistakes and make appropriate selections when it comes to gym gear and equipment. 

Cheap and Fun Exercises to Improve Agility

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 1/3/2015 to Fitspiration
Do you find yourself missing a few returns when playing lawn tennis? Or you find it difficult retrieving returns and blocking smashes made during a friendly badminton game? If you think that your movement has slowed down and itís affecting your competitive spirit, now is the right time to consider exercises and equipment that can help boost your agility. 

Strength Training Basics

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 1/2/2015 to Fitspiration
Training in order to build up strength isnít exactly an exotic thing to do. Saying that everyone does it might be taking it too far, but saying that everyone knows a person who either does strength training or has done so in the past paints a much more accurate picture. But how do they do it? And what are the best advices for anyone looking to take up strength training?

Workout For Adults, Playtime For Kids

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 12/16/2014 to Fitspiration
Deciding to work out in your own house can be great for you. You donít have to drive to the gym, you donít have to spend the time in the scent of other peopleís sweat, you can shower after a routine in your own bathroom. There are plenty of benefits of working out in your own home, but have you even thought of using that time to play with your kids?

The Benefits of Massage for Strength Training Athletes

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 11/22/2014
If you work out, you need to massages. Studies have shown that massages help muscles recover, lessen soreness, and shorten the length of time people are sore post work out. There are many ways to get an effective sports massage to include doing it yourself with massage tools such as foam rollers, foot wheels, and beastie balls and beastie hooks.  

Why Should Endurance Athletes Strength Train?

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 11/9/2014
Strength is the foundation for development of the rest of physical qualities. No matter what your sport is, you and your performance would be helped by strength training. Even runners, climbers, bicyclists, swimmers and other endurance athletes, who spend hours upon hours each week on their specific sport, ought to add some strength training to their training program.

Setting up a Home Gym on Limited Space and Budget

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 10/20/2014 to Fitspiration
When youíre just setting up your home gym, it would be best to pick certain equipment which would help you cover different types of workout. At this point, thereís no need for duplication given the limits of budget and space. Thatís why you should begin picking one or two equipment or tools to develop different sets of muscles.

Tips for Lifting Weights Safely

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 10/11/2014 to Crossfit
Weight lifting is a time proven method for not just getting into shape but for bulking up at the same time. There are numerous different exercises you can do in the gym.

3 Pieces of Workout Equipment You Should Have In Your Home

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 10/1/2014 to Crossfit
Working out at home might be just the thing you need in order to become fit, or stay in good shape if you already are.

Donít Forget To Build Your Endurance Base

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 9/9/2014 to Crossfit
With all of the focus on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Crossfit, and testosterone-fueled events such as Tough Mudders and Spartan races it seems that building an endurance base the old-fashioned Long Slow Distance way may be relegated to history.

Is CrossFit A Cult?

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 8/22/2014 to Crossfit
CrossFit has been going mainstream of late, though it has been around for about 20 years. Many who have tried it out were converted into CrossFit apostles, and have been vital in marketing the workout concept across North America. Have you noticed that CrossFit has grown into a mainstream entity with nary a commercial?

Best Accessories for Your Strength Training Workout

Posted by Neptune Barball on 7/16/2014 to Fitspiration
Strength training is one of the best ways to transform your body. You wonít just burn fat; youíll also build muscle.

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 7/16/2014 to Crossfit
Kettle bells are some of the staples of the cross fit community. They are especially durable and can take whatever you are throwing at it. Since these bells are built as a single piece of metal they can be used in a variety of workout methods without fear of the weight coming apart and landing on your head. These bells help people achieve the body they want and gives them the added security of having a steady weight to use. Many people wonder why they should spend the money on such an item with so many different weight platforms can be purchased at their local sports store?

The Rope Cable Front Raise

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 7/3/2014
The rope front raise is an excellent isolation exercise for the front delts, and the neutral grip makes it very comfortable on your shoulder joint.

20-Rep Squat Program: The Toughest Simple Way to Grow Big & Strong Fast

Posted by Neptune on 6/28/2014
So you want to get big and strong, do you? Well, I am here with some news that is both good and bad. First, the good: there is a very simple way to get big and strong very quickly, the 20-rep squat program. And the bad? This simple program hurts, hurts, hurts.

Who is Your GOAT?

Posted by Neptune on 6/13/2014
If you are into sports, fitness and athleticism like we are (and if you are here, then you are), you join with us in appreciating great athletes and athletic achievements throughout the history of sports. And while we may agree that some athletes in various sports - male, female and horse - would be somewhere on some list, none of us could ever agree on the Greatest of All Time - or GOAT, when it comes to athletes. 

Shoes Matter

Posted by Neptune on 5/24/2014
f you were to take up long distance running, what would be the first thing you would do? Likely, you would do some research regarding running shoes and then you would go out and invest in the best running shoes you could possibly afford, because everybody knows that the shoes one wears make a huge difference when you are pounding the pavement or ground for miles on end.

Lifting Belts...Yay or Nay?

Posted by Neptune on 4/30/2014
Depending upon who you ask the question, "Should I wear a weightlifting belt?" you might either end up getting an emphatic "yes", a condescending "no", or a disinterested "I don't care."


 Golf Fitness: Pumping Up to Lower Your Score
 The Squeeze on Compression Clothing
 Why You Should Wear Weightlifting Belts During Training
 Speed and Agility Training Advice for the Athlete
 CrossFit Workouts: How to Get Started
 Ode to the Foam Roller
 Exercise Equipment for Recovery and Mobility
 Home Gym Investments to Make for Menís Fitness
 Cheap and Fun Exercises to Improve Agility
 Strength Training Basics

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