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Workout For Adults, Playtime For Kids

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 12/16/2014 to Fitspiration

Deciding to work out in your own house can be great for you. You donít have to drive to the gym, you donít have to spend the time in the scent of other peopleís sweat, you can shower after a routine in your own bathroom. There are plenty of benefits of working out in your own home, but have you even thought of using that time to play with your kids?

First, letís just mention that if you want to work out around your kids you need to be extremely careful. Your workout gear can injure your kids, so before doing anything else, make sure your kids are at a safe distance from anything hard, heavy or fast-moving that might hurt them. When you do that, itís time to have fun.

You know that kids learn a lot by mimicking the behavior of adults, especially their parents? Well, if you couple that with the fact that you can buy toy workout equipment for your little ones, you can end up spending fun time with them, whilst teaching them the basics of taking care of their body. And, you donít have to worry about them running around the house unsupervised while youíre doing your routine.

Youíll need toy workout gear, though, but that shouldnít be an obstacle for you. You can get toy kettlebells, toy barbells, and toy medicine balls, all of which have only a fraction of the weight of the gear you use, and can hardly hurt your kids if they drops them. Other gear, like plyo boxes or jumping ropes, donít even need to be in a toy version, and playing with these will give your child a good and healthy workout.

Thereís really no reason you should spend the time you set aside for working out in your home alone. If you're a parent, thereís really no one better to keep you company than your children - youíll bond during the activity you perform together, they will learn the value of working out from an early age, and you wonít have to worry about what theyíre doing around the house while youíre working out.

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