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Why CrossFit is the Best Workout Choice for Entrepreneurs

Posted by Mary on 2/20/2014
CrossFit suddenly burst into the health and lifestyle scene and instantly became the workout choice for a lot of people. A lot of those who practice it have even seemed to develop a sort of cult-like addiction and devotion to the sport—especially to a particular societal group: the entrepreneurs. 

But why is it the apparent best workout choice for business owners? Here are the reasons:
  1. Consists of Measured Sets of Exercises & Goals – Business-minded people are all about having well-planned and calculated moves, which definitely applies to the fixed sets of exercises and workout goals that are a part of CrossFit. The attachment to numbers—in tracking progress, setting goals, beating records—that can even be viewed on a chart, bodes well for the technical psyche of an entrepreneur.
  2. Only Competition Is Your Self – Sure, you’ll be seeing your peers’ records, but CrossFit is mainly about competing against your own previous best efforts. And we all know that businessmen and women thrive on finding ways to push themselves more and overcoming personal challenges and setbacks.
  3. Intensive Mental Game – It’s a known fact that the level of physicality in CrossFit can really push your body’s limitations. But more than that, it’s really about setting your mindset to take control of your body in order to surpass and go beyond your limits. And this kind of mental strength is of crucial importance if an entrepreneur wants to thrive and survive in the business world.
  4. Social and Interactive – The cult-like loyalty to practicing CrossFit is due largely to the sense of community it imbibes to those who do it. Entrepreneurs tend to also belong to groups who share their goals and those with a business mindset as well. It’s about providing support and sharing experiences with those who can relate to it first-hand.
  5. Develops Overall Resilience – Owning a business means having to take on several failures, but the true measure of an entrepreneur is how he/she can rise up from it. This relates to how workout goals are met in CrossFit—with a couple of trials and errors, hits and misses, as well as rising and falling. 
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