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Tips for Lifting Weights Safely

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 10/11/2014 to Crossfit
Weight lifting is a time proven method for not just getting into shape but for bulking up at the same time. There are numerous different exercises you can do in the gym. Each exercise will have it's own benefit on different parts of your body. The one aspect that will be the same is being safe while you are working out. The tips below will help you not only get the most out of your workout but also keep you from injuring yourself.

Know Your Equipment

Knowing your equipment will help you come up with your workout routine. Properly knowing how to use each piece in the right manner is a basic necessity. The types of equipment you will find in the gym will range from basic free weights to elaborate all in one machines. Each piece will be set up, more or less, to function on a certain set of workouts. If you try doing a routine that the equipment isn't built for you may run the risk of serious injury.

The equipment you find in the gym isn't the only type of gear you are going to find yourself needing. The personal equipment you are using, whether the shoes you have on your feet or the lifting belt you have on to help you, can play just as a big a factor than anything else. For your shoes make sure they are not open toed. Sneakers tend to be the best all around. You also are going to want to have them fit comfortably on your feet. Too loose and they can cause you to trip and too tight can make you lose circulation in your feet. The same goes for you lifting belt.


Stretching is a basic fundamental part of any type of physical activity. Loosen up your body before doing your workout routine will not only make it easier for you but will also lower the chance of pulling a muscle or receiving another such injury. Stretching should be done both before and after a work. This will help ease the muscles in and out of any work out routine you find yourself doing.

Pace Yourself

This part here can be one of the most important aspects not to overlook. When are you doing your gym work out routine it is important for you work at a pace that is most comfortable for you. For beginners just starting out, using lighter weights with more reps will be of more use that trying to lift the absolute heaviest amount that you can. Overstraining yourself can lead to serious injury and will not help you gain the muscle or tone that you are looking for. The more use to the workout routine you get, the more you can push it but you have to always remember to work within what you are able to do. You will get to your goal with time, it's best not to rush it.  
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