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The Rope Cable Front Raise

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 7/3/2014

The rope front raise is an excellent isolation exercise for the front delts, and the neutral grip makes it very comfortable on your shoulder joint. If you have existing shoulder problems, this exercise may be a nice relief:

STEP 1: Attach a rope to a low pulley. Stand facing away from the stack just in front of the pulley and grasp the rope with both hands. Allow the cable to run between your legs.

STEP 2: Step forward slightly to ensure thereís tension in the cable. You should feel it immediately in your delts at the start.

STEP 3: Hold the ends of the rope with a neutral grip a few inches away from your body. Keep your eyes focused forward, abs tight, chest up and knees unlocked.

STEP 1: Keeping your arms slightly bent throughout the motion, raise the rope in front of you until your arms are just above parallel.

STEP 2: Hold that position for a count before slowly returning the rope to the start position.

STEP 3: Stop the motion a few inches from your quads, pause and begin the next rep.


1. Curling the rope. Many people try to use too much weight on this exercise and end up turning it into a hammer curl, working more of their forearms than delts. The key is to use a manageable weight. You donít need a heavy load to target the front delts.

2. Letting the plates touch down. Avoid this one. Be sure to step away from the stack so that you have tension before you even begin to raise the rope. If you let the plates touch on each rep, youíll lose the constant tension provided by the cable. Tension throughout the range of motion is the greatest advantage of the cable.

3. Stopping at parallel. Weíve all heard someone say you should stop when you reach shoulder height on laterals and front raises. Ignore it here. The delts are highly engaged above that arm position. Research shows the target delts during isolation exercises are innervated as high as 40 degrees above parallel. So if you donít have lingering deltoid issues, raise the rope!

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