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The CrossFit Switch

Posted by Jennifer on 4/14/2014
If your workouts have become routine and boring, CrossFit may be right for you.  Gym rats all over the nation are switching from their ellipticals and aerobic classes to the high impact sport of CrossFit training.

CrossFit is a vigorous workout that combines weight training, aerobics and gymnastics all in one so that you become fit in every way.  The goal is to push your body to the max so that you’re healthy, strong and in shape and to build strength and endurance.

The fast-paced workout can take less than 15 minutes a day because it is an intense workout that burns more calories and works the body harder than the average workout.  It may only be three or four routines, such as burpees, a jog and squats, but you keep doing each one over and over through the set time.

CrossFit is an extreme workout that pushes your body allowing you to reach your goals sooner.  If your workout time is limited, the complete workout CrossFit provides in a brief time frame is ideal for you.  In 15 or 20 minutes, you complete as many rounds of a specific circuit as you can. CrossFit instructors are trained not only to teach and motivate but to guide you through the workouts and help modify them around your needs.  CrossFit is a multidimensional workout that provides a social community with support from other CrossFitters who are not competing against you, but with you.

To make the most of your workout, having the right equipment is essential.  Neptune Barbell Co. has all you need to make the most of your workout experience.  With everything from weightlifting gear, to strength and endurance and speed and agility equipment to the hottest apparel, the wide range of high quality CrossFit equipment, Neptune Barbell is your one stop CrossFit supply shop.
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