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Posted by Christine on 4/14/2014
The Neptune Barbell Co. logo is unique. We donít feature a barbell; anyone can do (and has done) that. We chose to feature the kettlebell. Why? Because the kettlebell has spent the last few years proving that it may well be the heir apparent to the throne of muscle toning and building.

This unique work-out tool comes from humble beginnings. Its origin story is largely thought to hail from Russia, where poods were used as counterweights in commerce. The roughly 16kg pood is the modern kettlebellís ancestor. Another school of thought places the line of succession in Scotland, and early curling stones.

Whichever area of Europe first developed the kettlebell, it was the Russian military that began using it as a conditioning tool, for its soldiers, in the 1600s! By the early twentieth century, the kettlebell had been adapted as a work-out tool in the U.S., but not widely used past sideshow strongmen in the 1920s, until now!

In the last seven years, the kettlebell workout world has exploded, with fitness experts nationwide touting its unique sculpting effects. Menís Fitness, Shape, Real Simple, and Fitness magazines have all written about the benefits of kettlebell training, and YouTube has exploded with work-out videos for use at home.  

Kettlebell classes can vary in intensity (although most agree they are intense!), but generally are focused around using the tool in a very specific and controlled swinging motion to target various parts of the physique. These movements are married to tried and true core-strengthening exercises to allow even greater resistance. The kettlebell now comes in a wide variety of sizes and weights to allow anyone to use it.

One fitness expert has likened the advancements in kettlebell technology to the introduction of the fitness ball more than a decade ago; a humble item that no one could have guessed would become the staple of many long-running training programs.
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