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Setting up a Home Gym on Limited Space and Budget

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 10/20/2014 to Fitspiration

When you know the real value of a healthy lifestyle, you will dream of owning your own gym too. For many, however, this remains a dream. The choices to make and the cost of equipment could easily overwhelm those who do not have the right knowledge in setting up a gym at home.

Simplifying the matter by creating a workable plan will make an overwhelming task easy to break down. The plan must be based on your fitness needs, on how much work-out youíre actually going to do, and on the budget you are willing to spend for the project.

More Fitness Benefits With Fewer Equipment

When youíre just setting up your home gym, it would be best to pick a few equipment which would help you cover different types of workout. At this point, thereís no need for duplication given the limits of budget and space. Thatís why you should begin picking one or two equipment or tools to develop different sets of muscles.

Train More Muscle Groups

First, secure equipment to improve your cardiovascular system. Your cardio would be the best place to start because other types of training will more likely to succeed once your body achieves general fitness. Any of the cardio training equipment such as a rowing machine, a jump rope, or a set of aerobic bars should suffice.

Also, pick a few equipment for strength and endurance training, such as medicine balls, barbell strength bands, a 45į Hyper-Extension, an Olympic bar, an ab sling, a squat rack, a set of bar and bumpers, dumbbells, kettlebells, among others. 

If you plan on developing certain muscle types, one or two equipment to develop the target muscle will do. You might want to start with simple grip-training tools, some weights, or even a glute-ham developer, depending on where you want to concentrate working out or how much you are willing to spend for certain objectives.

Go ahead and Do it

Setting up your own home gym doesn't need to be complicated or expensive (although you can go that direction down the road). Start with simpler equipment to target different muscles and skills. Do not overspend on redundant tools and equipment and only buy things according to your available space and set budget. By knowledgeable planning, you will be able to acquire equipment that you will actually use for a more active lifestyle.

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