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HAVYK SLIDERS - Surface Linked Instability Demanding Elevated Recruitment (Pair)
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HAVYK SLIDERS - Surface Linked Instability Demanding Elevated Recruitment (Pair)

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S u r f a c e
L i n k e d
I n s t a b i l i t y
D e m a n d i n g
E l e v a t e d
R e c r u i t m e n t
Athletes compete in multiple dimensions / planes. Forward, back, left, right, turn. To become their best, their training must incorporate multi-planar movements. With their unrestricted omni-directional movement, HAVYKsliders take athletes to the next level!
Free to simultaneously move forward, backward, side-to-side and rotationally, HAVYKsliders demand more than standard single plane or fixed path equipment. This ‘freedom’ elevates the level of balance, control and strength the athlete must recruit to perform both static and dynamic movements. Plus, solid steel construction combined with quiet industrial-grade casters allow HAVYKsliders to be used anytime and anywhere (carpet, concrete, rubber, tile, wood, etc).
Take 60 seconds (or less) and experience the difference. HAVYKsliders are the ultimate in glide / slide training!

American Made
Omni-directional movement
Enhanced neuromuscular response
Fully functional on hard and soft surfaces
Ideal for professional training through rehab applications
Industrial grade components
Color: Black
Dimensions: 11.90” x 11.90” x 3.50”
Hardware: Stainless steel – black oxide
Finish: ‘knurled’ urethane
Plate: CNC (computer numerical controlled) laser cut A36 steel
Weight (max load): 150 lbs per slider
Weight (unit): 13.0 lbs (pair)

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