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Cheap and Fun Exercises to Improve Agility

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 1/3/2015 to Fitspiration

Do you find yourself missing a few returns when playing lawn tennis? Or you find it difficult retrieving returns and blocking smashes made during a friendly badminton game? If you think that your movement has slowed down and itís affecting your competitive spirit, now is the right time to consider exercises and equipment that can help boost your agility. Agility is both mental and physical, and refers to oneís ability to move and respond quickly to situations.  A personís agility deteriorates over time due to age or inactivity, but this can be reversed by doing exercises or by using appropriate equipment and exercise routines.

Agility ladders and hurdles to improve agility

Agility is all about footwork and the capability to respond instantly to different movements.  And one workout tool that can be used to improve foot work is an agility ladder. Simply lay down this ladder, set up your own variation and start moving forward or backward. The exercise can be configured depending on the skill level, for example you can start from high-knee marching moving from box to box to lateral scissor movements. To add some fun and complexity in your workout, you can recite your favorite poem or sing a song while moving forward along the agility ladder. Itís a straightforward and effective activity that can enhance your footwork and boost your brain cells too!

Similar to agility ladders, the hurdles are also stationary equipment that can serve as points on the ground that a person can navigate. You can set a dozen of hurdles in a row arranged parallel to each other, and once arranged you can navigate the hurdles laterally. But donít just cover all hurdles; give a layer of complexity by taking on the first hurdle and going into the starting point and covering the second hurdle and retreating once again to the first hurdle. You can count your moves, and quicken the pace depending on skill level.

Play agility poles, cones and balloons for fun with your partner

Cheap agility training exercises are available, and these can be performed together with other enthusiasts. Some of the popular accessories and equipment include agility cones, poles and balloons. With just seven cones arranged like a pyramid on the floor, you can easily start your own workout. Before starting, assign letters to every cone and choose an order of letters that will be followed when moving through the cones. You can also ask the help of friends in setting up and navigating poles. Agility poles like MDUSA Slalom Poles from Neptune Barbell Co are cheap, easy to use and will stand back when hit. Even party balloons can serve as partners when improving agility. Choose two balloons in different colors, and choose an order that you will pick these.

Thereís no need to purchase expensive workout equipment to improve agility. You'll find highly entertaining and cheap equipment and products available, and all these can serve as partners in improving your footwork and response rate when playing.

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