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Beastie Base
Beastie Base
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Beastie Base

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Use of the Detachable Base

The detachable base is more than just a place to park your Beastie when you're done using it. It's a fundamental, patent pending part of the Beastie system, and it provides these distinct benefits:

  • Elevation
    The Base elevates the Beastie an additional 1/2" above the surface, to better access hard-to-reach areas of your body.
  • Intensification
    The Base orients the Beastie so that one of its bumps is held firmly in a straight-up position. That guarantees maximum
    penetration of the muscle.
  • Stabilization
    The Base prevents the Beastie from rolling. That facilitates more controlled massage techniques, and it also allows you to work off the side of the Beastie to generate higher shear forces in the muscle
  • Retention
    The Base retains the Beastie so that it can more easily be used in off-the-floor applications.
  • Attachment
    In addition to being a free-standing support, the Base serves as an adapter to removably attach the Beastie to either a wall or the Beastie Wall System.

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