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3 Pieces of Workout Equipment You Should Have In Your Home

Posted by Neptune Barbell on 10/1/2014 to Crossfit
Working out at home might be just the thing you need in order to become fit, or stay in good shape if you already are. Going to the gym is also great, but you might not have the time, or there are no gyms in your neighborhood, or you can also have a number of reasons you canít squeeze in some gym time, but you still want to work out. And when it comes with working out at home, you donít need a lot of exercise equipment to do a good job Ė in fact, you can carefully choose only three pieces of equipment that will allow you to do a heck of a workout.

Weíll start with the kettle bell. Kettle bells are probably one of the best, if not the best, piece of equipment you could ever own. Why? They can be incorporated into workouts for almost every muscle group in the body. Plus, they allow you to work out be using your full range of motion, which is a huge advantage they have over other, more expensive, gym equipment.

The next one is fairly simple Ė youíll need a jumping rope. Itís a great piece of equipment because itís small, light, and working out with it will burn those calories like almost nothing else. Plus, itís really inexpensive. The only downside it has might be the noise complaints from the downstairs neighbors, if you have any. Still, even this could be fixed if you choose the right jumping technique.

To round it up, youíll need an exercise mat. Youíll probably want to do some exercises where you have to sit, kneel, or lay down on the floor. It can be really hard on your knees and back, and a good exercise mat will take that edge off. Even if you donít plan to work out sitting or kneeling on the floor, you should stretch after the workout, and a proper stretch involves you getting down on the floor. So thereís really no skipping the mat.

With these three pieces of equipment, youíll be able to do some decent exercises in the comfort of your own home. If you add exercises that use solely your body weight, you wonít get ripped but you will get really fit, and from there, you can take your workouts to a whole different level if you want to. All because these three devices give you a good, solid, fitness base.
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