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20-Rep Squat Program: The Toughest Simple Way to Grow Big & Strong Fast

Posted by Neptune on 6/28/2014

So you want to get big and strong, do you? Well, I am here with some news that is both good and bad. First, the good: there is a very simple way to get big and strong very quickly, the 20-rep squat program. And the bad? This simple program hurts, hurts, hurts.

The 20-rep squat program has been a mainstay program used by those who know strength and muscles since at least the 1930ís when Mark H. Berry wrote about it. Later, John McCallumís Squats and Milk program, basically a 20-rep squat program that included the daily drinking of a gallon of milk, was used by pencil necks across the nation as they grew and grew. In fact, Tom Platz, the bodybuilder most known for his huge thighs, built a multi-decade career around the 20-rep squat program.

The 20-Rep Squat Program

The program itself is six weeks long (trust me, you will need a physical and spiritual break after six weeks of this) and is based upon two or three weekly workouts made up of one set each of 20 back squats and 20 pullovers, and then two sets each of ten overhead presses and five power cleans.

The key to this program is how much weight you squat 20 times. To determine how much weight you need to start with, go with the same amount you can back squat 10 or 12 times. Then, get that same amount of weight on your back and do a below parallel squat. Rest at the top and then repeat. By resting with the bar on your back in between reps, you will be able to squat 20 times a weight you can ordinarily only squat 10 to 12 times in a normal set. However, completing a 20-rep squat set in this fashion will take three, four, or five minutes and leave you huffing and puffing and, most likely, light headed. If you vomit, do not be surprised.

Then do the programís other lifts. The rest is just eating and sleeping. At your next workout, add at least five pounds to the squat barbell.

I promise you that if you follow this program, take in plenty of calories and protein, and get loads of rest, your muscles all over your body will grow and get strong.

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