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10 Agility Ladder Workouts

Posted by Brandon on 3/13/2014
For the most effective tool to hone your footwork and speed, the Agility Ladder is the solution.  When you are beginning any new workout, itís important to start out slowly, only increasing speeds when you become familiar with the pattern. This way you wonít lose control, resulting in injury.
  • Step is a quick, light run through the agility ladder, where you only pick up your feet enough to clear each rung in the ladder.
  • Side Step is done facing sideways, as you take a quick lateral step by pushing off your back leg, touching each box with two feet.
  • Five Hops and Run means you quickly hop five boxes and on the fifth box, land with both feet ready to make another hop, but instead, transition into a one-step for the remainder of the ladder.
  • Crossover Run is a lateral run touching each box with one foot.  Lean toward the direction you are headed in, to propel yourself through the agility ladder with speed.
  • Side Straddle Hop is a quick lateral movement drill that engages your hips and adductors.  Hop in and out of each box with both feet and avoid clapping your feet.
  • Carioca is a great drill that combines hip rotation with footwork.  Crossover in front of and behind your body, touch each box of the ladder with one foot.  Be sure to open your hips to get the back foot in the ladder and avoid swinging your foot out in front of you.
  • In and Out: Facing the side of the agility ladder, you are going to touch in and out of each box with both feet.  Follow a four count of in - in - out - out.  Repeat this drill on both sides of the ladder.
  • The Centipede moves along the side of the ladder touching in each box with both feet.  The pattern is; two in - two over - two out.  Repeat this pattern on both sides of the agility ladder to get equal training going both directions.
  • The Riverdance is a great hip rotational drill that follows a three count of; In - Behind - and out.  One foot touches in each box with both feet landing outside of the ladder on both sides.
  • The Ickey Shuffle is an advanced drill and one of the most popular.  This pattern follows a three count of:  In - Out - and Up.  The foot that is in the ladder moves forward to the next box.  
  • The Single Leg Shuffle is a leg burner.  You are going to start from the side of the ladder, facing forward.  Your near foot is going to touch in and out of each box while your other leg keeps pace.  Repeat this on both sides to get equal training.

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